Petition to March at Graduation, Undergraduate

September degree candidates may petition to participate in the NYU Commencement and Gallatin graduation ceremonies in May. Petitions will be granted if the following criteria are met. If criteria cannot be met, students will be welcome the following year once degree requirements are completed.

Please note that Petition to March submissions must be made no later than April 15th.

BA Students

BA Petitions will be granted if the following criteria are met:

  • Students have no more than 2 courses (8 units) remaining after the last day of the Spring 2017 semester.
  • Students are registered for summer 2017 sessions by April 15, 2017, to fulfill their remaining units
  • Students have completed, or have registered to complete, the colloquium by May 12, 2017.
  • Students are in good standing with the University.
  • Students have updated their expected date of graduation on Albert to September 2017.
  • Students have met with the Director of Student Affairs to confirm plans for graduation.

For people in the EU, see information on your privacy rights under GDPR.