Gallatin Global Fellowship in Human Rights

The Gallatin Global Fellowship in Human Rights is a year-long program that supports selected NYU students in working with human rights organizations on extended experiential learning projects (including research and report writing). We encourage students to find organizations that approach human rights in heterodox ways, but human rights should be an anchor in their effort to bring about social change. We anticipate that the fellowship will allow students to contribute to the host organization and gain direct experience in the human rights field in ways that complement their academic trajectory at NYU. Before competing this application, see the program website for more details on the program requirements and eligibility.


November 1, 11:59 pm [No longer accepting applications; check back in Fall 2018 for program updates]


The program is open to all undergraduate students in degree-granting programs at NYU and to master’s students in Engineering, Gallatin, the College of Global Public Health, the Graduate School of Arts and Science, Law, Nursing, Social Work, Steinhardt, Tisch, and Wagner. This fellowship was organized primarily to benefit students who have little access to such funding; therefore, applications from undergraduates will receive priority consideration. All selected fellows must be enrolled and in residence at NYU's New York campus during the Spring semester following the application deadline and must be matriculated at NYU during the summer of the fellowship project. Additionally, undergraduate fellows must be matriculated at NYU during the Fall semester following the summer project.

Application Requirements

  • Statement of proposal
  • Independent study proposal
  • Projected budget
  • Current resume
  • Recommendation letter from an NYU faculty member who has agreed to oversee the Spring independent study
  • Contact information for an additional faculty reference

Final candidates may be contacted by the selections committee for an interview with the program director or administrator.

This online application cannot be saved in-progress. It is therefore recommended that you type and save your responses in a document on your computer before completing this form.

Personal Information

Academic Information

Host Organization

Summer Project Location

Host Organization Contact

Statement of Proposal

Please attach a 2- to 3-page statement (.doc, .docx, and .pdf formats accepted). Your name should appear in the header of each page. The statement should contain the following:

  • Clear statement of the human rights dimension you will focus on during the summer, including why you think it is a critical issue for the human rights field.
  • Description of the human rights organization with which you plan to work and its objectives, including the ways in which it mobilizes "human rights" in efforts for social change. Indicate if you have worked with this organization in the past.
  • Describe (to the extent possible) the duties and responsibilities you will likely assume during the summer with the host organization, including research, report writing, and other experiential work you hope to pursue under the organization’s supervision. Clearly indicate the goals that will be advanced by this work.
  • Academic or extracurricular knowledge or expertise that will help you make a contribution to the human rights issue you will address, including any relevant linguistic proficiency, completed course work, and prior independent research experience and travel.
  • Relevance of your human rights summer work to your Gallatin concentration, NYU major, or graduate degree.
More information
  • Files must be less than 2 MB.
  • Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.

Independent Study Proposal

The required 2-credit Spring independent study need not relate to human rights; it should focus on helping you to better contextualize your summer work (e.g., a history of the conflict, background on sociopolitical aspects of the region, etc.). It should meet at least five times and should explore a minimum of five texts. Provide a 250-500-word description of the independent study you plan to undertake and how it relates to your proposed summer work. Include at least five texts you anticipate reading and indicate why each is essential to examining the aspect of human rights you wish to pursue.

Independent Study Faculty Mentor

Please provide contact information for the NYU faculty mentor who will supervise your independent study.

Recommendation Letter

A letter of recommendation is required by the application deadline from the NYU faculty member who will oversee your 2-credit Spring independent study. The letter should confirm his/her readiness to oversee your independent study and should address your academic strengths, knowledge of human rights discourse if any, and your ability to be a self-starter.

NOTE: If you have not had enough time to get to know your intended faculty mentor, we will accept a SUPPLEMENTAL letter of recommendation from an NYU faculty member who knows your academic and personal background better. However, in this case, your intended independent study faculty mentor must ALSO submit an email to by the application deadline confirming that s/he has agreed to oversee your Spring independent study.

Request that your recommender email the letter as an attachment to (.doc, .docx, or .pdf format) or mail/deliver to Gallatin Office of Global Programs, 411 Lafayette Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10003.

Projected Budget

Detail your anticipated expenses during the summer project (e.g., transportation and living expenses, research costs, etc.). Note that this budget is intended for you to have a realistic understanding of potential costs; you will not be disqualified for estimating less than the fellowship amount, as we understand that unexpected costs might arise later. If you foresee exceeding the fellowship amount, however, you are advised to seriously reconsider your financial needs and seek additional funds elsewhere, as we cannot award extra funds.

Current Resume

Please attach a 1-2-page current resume or CV (.doc, .docx, and .pdf formats accepted).

More information
  • Files must be less than 2 MB.
  • Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.


Please provide contact information for an additional faculty member who can speak to your academic standing and your ability to work independently.