Pass/Fail Grade Option

Gallatin undergraduate students may request the pass/fail grade option for most NYU courses that are normally graded with letter grades (A through F). While courses graded with a P will count for credit toward the degree, the grade of P will not be computed in the student’s grade point average (GPA). Additionally, courses taken on a pass/fail basis do not count toward the Gallatin Dean’s List minimum credit requirement of 12 credits in graded courses.

Students are permitted to take one course per full-time academic year (32 units) on a pass/fail basis, a total of four times during the student’s academic career.

The following courses are NOT ELIGIBLE for the pass/fail option; students must receive a letter grade (A-F) for all of these courses.

  • The Gallatin First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar
  • The Gallatin First-Year Research Seminar
  • The Gallatin Transfer Student Research Seminar
  • The Gallatin Senior Project
  • Courses used to fulfill the Gallatin liberal arts and historical and cultural requirements
  • Gallatin travel courses (with the prefix TRAVL-UG, TRAVL-GG)
  • Language courses taught in fall or spring semesters at NYU Study Abroad sites. (The pass/fail option is permitted for language courses taught in summer sessions at NYU sites abroad.)
  • Courses that count towards your minor requirement. Students should consult with the department offering the minor for details.

Pass/Fail Action

(i.e. IDSEM-UG 1250)
Check the Liberal Arts and Historical and Cultural Requirement Section of your Degree Progress Report to determine if the course is fulfilling the requirement. If this course fulfills the Gallatin Liberal Arts and Historical and Cultural requirements and you elect to take it pass/fail, you will need to take another course to satisfy the requirement. By responding to this question and submitting this form, you have agreed that you have 1. checked your degree progress report and 2. understand the policy.
The pass/fail option is not permitted for language courses taught in fall or spring semesters at NYU Study Abroad sites

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