Colloquium Rationale and Booklist

The Rationale

The rationale should include a discussion of the proposed topics of your colloquium and some of the central works on your booklist. For more information about the content of the rationale, please see the “Policies and Procedures for the Undergraduate Colloquium” booklet.

The Booklist

The booklist for the colloquium should consist of twenty to twenty-five books, distributed as follows:

  1. Seven Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Classics (at least seven works written before the mid-1600s)
  2. Four works of the Modern Humanities (at least four works in Literature, Philosophy, History, the Arts, Critical Theory, or Religion, written after the mid-1600s)
  3. Four works of the Modern Social and Natural Sciences (at least four works in Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, or the Natural Sciences, written after the mid-1600s)
  4. Five works from your Area of Concentration (at least five additional works representing your concentration)

In making the booklist, your focus should be on the overall concepts, issues, problems, or topics that unify the list, rather than simply choosing books to fulfill the distribution requirement. Please attach your rationale and booklist below as a single document. Make sure your name is included in the title of the document. Please indicate if you are submitting a revised rationale and/or booklist.

*Please Note- do not include special characters in the name of your file (use letters and numbers only). If you receive an error while uploading, rename your file and try again.

The rationale and booklist must be approved by your adviser. Upon submission of these documents and this online form, an e-mail will be sent to your adviser requesting his or her approval, which he or she will provide by following the instructions in the email. After your adviser’s approval has been received, your rationale and booklist will be sent out for a second review by a member of the Gallatin faculty. The Gallatin faculty reviewer may approve your rationale and booklist or may require revisions. If revisions are required, you should discuss the reviewer’s comments with your adviser, revise the rationale and/or booklist, and resubmit the rationale and booklist for final approval. Your revised rationale and booklist must be submitted no less than four weeks before your scheduled colloquium.
More information
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  • Allowed file types: rtf pdf doc docx.

The Committee

If there are faculty who you intend to ask to participate in your colloquium, please list their names below. Remember that one of your colloquium committee members will be your primary faculty adviser, and at least one must be a member of Gallatin's full-time faculty. Note that you will submit a separate colloquium registration form to finalize your colloquium committee.

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