International External Study Application

With this application, Gallatin students may request permission to receive transfer credit for non-NYU study abroad courses and programs. Before completing this application, students should have read all of the guidelines and limitations on the International External Study webpage. Students seeking permission to take courses at another college or university in the United States should complete the Domestic External Study application

Priority Deadlines

  • Fall: April 1
  • Spring: November 1
  • Summer: March 1

Students who meet these deadlines will receive a decision within 10 business days of submission. Students who apply after these dates may experience a delay in obtaining a decision.

Application Requirements

  • Personal statement
  • External program and course details

This online application cannot be saved in-progress. It is therefore recommended that you type and save your responses in a document on your computer before completing this form.

If yes, an explanation is required (see personal statement instructions below).

Student Information

Adviser Information

Please select your academic adviser below. Gallatin will forward a copy of this application to your adviser in lieu of the Plan of Study for the relevant term.

External Program Information

All international external study courses must either be taken at an accredited four-year (or, for graduate students, graduate) degree-granting institution or must be recorded on a transcript issued by such an institution ("school of record"). Please contact your program if these details are not readily available on their website.

Location where you will be studying

Period You Are Requesting for Study

Program Administrator Contact Information

Planned Course Selections. Include course details below, if available.

Please submit a 250-500-word personal statement explaining how this particular program or courses relate to your concentration and how it will enhance your education. As a reminder, Gallatin’s residency requirement stipulates that undergraduates must complete their final 32 credits in residence at NYU. If you intend to complete your external study during this period, your statement should also address why you are petitioning to be waived from the residency requirement.

For people in the EU, see information on your privacy rights under GDPR.