Graduating Student Survey (MA)

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! 

Finishing a graduate degree program is a tremendous accomplishment and we look forward to celebrating you at the Gallatin graduation ceremony in May!

Now that you have completed (or are about to complete) your degree at Gallatin, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you into our dynamic and inspiring alumni/alumnae community.  As someone with your own form of expertise in navigating the graduate program, one of the most important things you can do for Gallatin and for future students is to share your experiences and insights in this survey.  And please do let us know what your plans are moving forward so we can be sure to stay in touch with relevant alumni/alumnae updates.

We are so glad that you chose to come to Gallatin and so proud of the work you have done!


Your Gallatin experience

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The timeline for writing my thesis was reasonable: *
The expectations for my thesis were clear: *
My primary adviser was accessible and helpful during my time at Gallatin: *
I met with my primary adviser frequently: *
The graduate writing support (writing specialists, writing retreats, etc.) was helpful: *

Life after Gallatin

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