Amplified Voices Event Proposal

The Amplified Voices Series seeks to host speakers and events that center the voices and experiences of historically marginalized identities as well as celebrations of cultural heritage. This series prioritizes global inclusion, diversity, belonging, equity, and accessibility (IDBEA) and our aim is to encourage ongoing conversations, workshops, and activities that contribute to an ethos of antiracism and multicultural inclusion. This series is hosted by the Gallatin Diversity Council.

If you're collaborating with a faculty, adminstrator, club, class, or program, please share below. Otherwise, please write "N/A".
Please provide a detailed proposal, including, but not limited to: potential speakers, format, platform, space and tech needs, staffing plan, and timeline. Be sure to describe how your poposal meets the desired goals of the Amplified Voices series. 
Who is the audience?
Please provide a proposed budget request. Be as specific as possible, including any additional funding sources or intended collaborations outside of Gallatin.
If applicable, please let us know which space you are hoping to host this event in (in the Gallatin building? A different NYU space? Off-campus?) 
Please understand that while we are allowing date suggestions, the Gallatin calendar is quite busy and accepted Amplified Voices proposals may need to work with various offices to confirm a date and time. 
Re-order Date Time Weight Operations
Let us know if you have any questions or would like to meet to discuss your proposal