Internship Progress Report

This Progress Report will provide you with the opportunity to discuss your progress toward your internship goals with your faculty adviser (or course instructor in the case of Embedded Internships) and, if necessary, to readjust your learning goals.

Student Information

Adviser Information

Course Instructor Information

The course instructor supervises and grades Embedded internships

Internship Information

Progress Questions

Briefly describe the work you have been doing in the internship and how it is linked to your concentration or academic goals. To what extent have you been doing the things you identified in your contract?
Assess your progress toward your learning goals as stated in the contract. Have the goals changed in any way? How and why? Discuss any challenges or problems that you face.
Are you getting the help you need from your site supervisor and your adviser? What more could they be doing for you?
What else should Gallatin know about your internship?