Internship Learning Contract

Instructions for completing this form

  1. This Learning Contract form should be completed by the end of your second week at the internship placement site.
  2. The Learning Contract is the product of a negotiation held among you, your supervisor, and your adviser (or course instructor for Embedded Internships). It will be used to remind everyone of the goals you outlined at the start of the internship.
  3. Please consult Building Your Internship Portfolio on the Gallatin Internship website for more information about completing the Learning Contract and other internship forms associated with your Internship Portfolio. 
  4. This form will be sent to the email you enter for your adviser (or course instructor for Embedded Internships). You must follow up with your adviser (or course instructor for Embedded Internships), to make sure his or her approval is submitted to Gallatin.

Student Information

Adviser Information

Course Instructor Information

The course instructor supervises and grades Embedded internships

Internship Details


The Internship

Describe in as much detail as possible your role and responsibilities in the internship. If possible, identify your duties, any projects that you will undertake, teams you will work with, products or services you will provide, clients/patrons you will serve, etc.
Describe the supervision you will receive at the internship site. What instruction, assistance, guidance and consultation will you get? From whom? Will you have regularly scheduled supervisory sessions?

Learning Objectives and Activities

Describe in as much detail as possible what you hope to learn through the internship, keeping in mind that these objectives may change throughout the semester. Be specific: are you planning on developing skills, expanding your knowledge, testing theories, exploring career interests, discovering your strengths and weaknesses, or some other goals? Are these objectives related to your area of concentration? If yes, how?

Learning activities and strategies

Describe in detail the specific ways in which you plan to achieve these goals. If these ways change throughout the semester, you will have a chance to address these changes in your progress report.

How will your internship activities enable you to meet your learning objectives? Include projects, research, report writing, conversations, etc., which you will do while working, and relate them to what you intend to learn
How will you supplement the work experience with reading, research and consultation?


Talk to your site supervisor and your Gallatin Adviser (or Course Instructor for Embedded Internships) to understand how you will find out whether you have met your learning objectives.

By what criteria will your supervisor assess your performance at the internship site (i.e. completion of projects, cooperation with work team, quality of completed tasks, etc.)?
By what criteria will your faculty adviser (or course instructor for Embedded Internship) assess your performance in the internship (i.e. number of reflections, quality of observations, type of final project, booklist, research, data analysis, etc.)?