Siff Performance Thesis Grant

The SIFF M.A. performance thesis grant, established through the generosity of Gallatin master's alumna Karen Siff, is designed to help those graduate students who are writing a performance thesis with the costs associated with the production of their performances. Individual grants are awarded in amounts ranging from $750-$1000. 

Authorized expenses

Costs have traditionally included (but are not limited to) the renting of performance and rehearsal space, the use of film and video equipment, and other miscellaneous expenses incurred through the production of a performance piece. Students will receive the award in the form of reimbursement toward payments made; therefore, it is essential that you retain and submit all necessary original receipts.

Application and review procedure

Eligibility is restricted to M.A. students whose thesis proposal have been approved by a Gallatin thesis reviewer. Once the proposal is approved, students may submit this grant application for consideration by The Gallatin Interdisciplinary Arts Committee. For further information, please contact Marissa Hajtler, Assistant Director, Faculty Affairs, The Gallatin School, New York University, 1 Washington Place, 4th floor, New York, NY 10003.


Please attach a one-page description of your performance thesis project.
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