Change of Adviser Request, Undergraduate

Academic advising is vital to the Gallatin experience, and great care is taken to find the right primary faculty adviser for each student. Sometimes it is necessary for students to change their advisers, especially when there are shifts in the area of study or other developments. Submit this form if you would like to change your primary faculty adviser.

Because primary faculty adviser assignments are made in January and August, any request received after the first day of fall or spring classes may not become effective until the following term. Typically, students are notified of their new adviser assignments at the beginning of the fall or spring terms. Students should direct any questions or concerns about this process to Gallatin's Office of Academic Advising, located at 1 Washington Place, 7th floor.


(Please be as specific as possible. For example, rather than 'the arts,' please specify whether it is 'arts management,' 'arts and society,' 'studio arts,' etc.; rather than 'communications,' specify 'media studies,' 'history of technology,' 'graphic communications,' etc.)

Please complete Part A if you are requesting a specific adviser; all students must complete Part B.

Has the person you are requesting agreed to be your adviser?
Please note: approval of your request is contingent on the adviser's current advising load.