Register a New Club

Your mission statement will act as a framework to evaluate your success as a club. It defines what your club is and what your club aspires to be. Please include the purpose and values of the club, identify who the club's primary stakeholders are, outline the responsibilities of the club to its members and the NYU/Gallatin community, and set out the main objectives the club will accomplish. Your mission statement should be brief and clearly stated so that it is generally understood by all.
Please review current Gallatin clubs and NYU All-Square clubs and list any that are similar to the club that your group is proposing and how they are similar.
This is your opportunity to clarify how your proposed club is different from other existing Gallatin and NYU All-Square clubs and how your club will have a positive impact on the community.
Please explain what groups of students you expect to join your club and explain why and how you think your club will benefit those populations.
Is this club affiliated with a national organization?

Club Founding Members

You must provide 4 founding members

Member 1
Member 2
Member 3
Member 4

Sample Event Calendar and Budget Plan

Please detail four events (two for the Fall and two for the Spring) that your club would plan to do if approved and selected as a Gallatin club. Create this sample calendar with a sample budget of $300 per semester for one academic year.

Fall Event 1
Fall Event 2
Spring Event 1
Spring Event 2

Petition Verification

The last part of the application is to submit a petition with 50 signatures of Gallatin students who show support of the development of your club. These signatures can be collected in any way you see fit. This completed petition must be submitted in person to the GSC Mailbox on the fifth floor.