Advanced Placement Credit

NYU awards credit for the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) examinations for scores of 4 and 5 on most examinations. The examinations, scores and corresponding credits are listed on the AP Course Equivalency Chart.

AP credits are applied as elective credit only, and therefore will not satisfy any Gallatin liberal arts requirement. However, such courses can be used to serve as a prerequisite for more advanced courses directly upon matriculation.

NYU designates courses that are equivalent to most AP subjects as listed on the AP Course Equivalency Chart. A student may not receive credit for BOTH the AP Examination and the equivalent NYU course. If the student has already taken the NYU course, no credit will be granted for the AP Examination. If the student receives credit for an AP Examination, and then takes the equivalent course, the student will lose credit for the AP Examination.

Most medical schools and graduate health programs require that students complete the entire pre-med sequence of undergraduate courses even if they have AP scores that would exempt them from some courses. A pre-med student should therefore take General Chemistry I, for example, even if the student has credits from AP Chemistry. Please be aware that this means that a student will not receive the AP credit or will lose the AP credit if the student has taken the course. For more information about AP credits and the pre-med sequence, please contact the College of Arts & Science Preprofessional Center (Phone:(212) 998-8160, email:

Students wanting to apply AP credit should verify that their scores have been received by NYU by inquiring at Gallatin’s Office of Student Services (1 Washington Place, 8th floor – Students must show their NYU ID card).

If the student’s scores have not yet been sent to NYU, the student should contact the College Entrance Examination Board directly (toll-free number is 888-225-5427) and request that an official copy of the AP scores be sent to New York University Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Finally, please note that you should not submit this form before the second semester of your sophomore year. You should also discuss the posting of your AP credits with your primary adviser before submitting this form.

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