Course Review Request (to fulfill a Liberal Arts or Historical & Cultural or Critical Race Studies requirement)

This form is intended to identify NYU courses that may satisfy an area of the Liberal Arts or Historical & Cultural or Critical Race Studies requirements. Once this form is submitted, the course and syllabus will be reviewed by members of the Gallatin Curriculum Committee and/or other faculty members with expertise in the field of the course under review.

Courses Eligible for Review

Before submitting this form, students should read the Gallatin policy concerning what constitutes the Liberal Arts requirementsthe Historical & Cultural requirements, and the Critical Race Studies requirement (follow these hyperlinks!).


This form should be submitted only for courses in which at least 50% of the syllabus is focused on the period or area of the requirement. As examples:

  • For a course to fill the Premodern or Early Modern requirement, at least half of the semester's coursework should focus on the respective historical period. Courses that use these historical periods as foundation or context for later historical periods do not fill this requirement. 
  • For a course to fulfill the Global Cultures requirement at least half of the semester's coursework should focus on non-Western culture. Please note that courses focused on globalization, colonialism, or imperialism do not necessarily satisfy the requirement. Such courses must also demonstrate a strong focus on a non-Western culture(s).

Courses Ineligible for Review

This form should NOT be submitted for any Gallatin courses because all Gallatin courses have already been reviewed to fulfill all requirements by the Gallatin faculty Curriculum Committee.

Instructions for completing this form

  1. Read the policy concerning what constitutes the Liberal Arts requirements, the Historical & Cultural requirements, and the Critical Race Studies requirement.
  2. Make sure the course is not already on the list of approved NYU Courses that Fulfill Gallatin Requirements.
  3. Discuss this request with your faculty adviser. Gallatin may ask your adviser to approve this request.
  4. Obtain the course description and the syllabus. Both are required in order to review this request.
  5. Please note the following before submitting this form:
  • Submission of this form does not guarantee approval of your request.
  • The review of this course may take up to six weeks, depending on the time of submission during the academic year. If you are requesting a review of a course you are planning to take in a near-future semester, you should arrange to take an alternate course while this review is in progress.
  • Courses taken as Pass/Fail cannot be used to satisfy the Liberal Arts or Historical & Cultural or the Critical Race Studies requirements.
  • To fulfill the Historical & Cultural requirements, students must complete three unique courses. The same course cannot be used to fulfill more than one area.

Course Information

One file only.
5 MB limit.
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