Plan of Study, Graduate

This study plan is designed to help you and your adviser define your educational goals and to identify strategies for accomplishing them.

Before completing this form, please familiarize yourself with the M.A. Degree Requirements as well as the Options and Limitations.

Please see the Graduate Registration instructions on the Gallatin website for more information about the registration process.

Registration Restrictions


Course Levels

Graduate students will not receive credit for undergraduate course work.

Individualized Projects

A maximum of 12 units may be earned in individualized projects (independent studies, tutorials, internships and private lessons). The Review of the Literature, a required independent study, is not counted toward these 12 units. Students are permitted to earn a maximum of 6 units in private lessons. Please see the Gallatin website for more information about Independent Study and the Individualized Project Deadlines for each term.

Stern School of Business

Students may take a maximum of 6 units per semester in courses offered by the Stern School of Business. Note that Stern has a separate registration process (please see Graduate Registration For Stern for more information).



Continuing students should answer all four questions below; entering students should answer the first two.

What short- and long-term goals (educational, professional, personal) do you hope to accomplish through the Gallatin program?
What is your area of concentration? In what schools, departments, and programs are you taking courses? What independent studies, internships, and extracurricular activities have you done or do you plan to do?
What have you done over the past semester to help realize the goals described above? In what ways have your interests, goals, and plans changed since you wrote the plan of study last semester? What difficulties are you encountering? When do you expect to complete the degree?
What courses, independent studies, and other work have you done to prepare for the thesis? What type of thesis do you plan to write (research, project, or creative)? If you are prepared to do so at this time, discuss your thesis topic.
(including transfer units and course equivalency)
(You must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.00 to remain in good academic standing; a final minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 is required for graduation.)
(You are required to complete a minimum of 14 units in classroom courses. This does not include the Graduate Core or individualized projects such as Independent Study, Tutorial, Internship, or Private Lessons.)

Graduate Core

Graduate Core

You are required to take the following Gallatin Core Requirement courses, totaling 14 units. Check box if fulfilled.

Students who began prior to Summer 2013
If you began the program prior to Summer 2013, you might combine old and new Core Requirements. Please indicate below if you completed any of the prior requirements. For more information, contact the Gallatin MA Program Administrative Director.

Course Selections