Doctoral Fellowship in Urban Practice Application (DFUP)

Application Deadline (extended): March 22, 2021

The Urban Democracy Lab (UDL) at NYU Gallatin is accepting applications for the Doctoral Fellows in Urban Practice program for the 2021-2022 academic year. The program provides an outstanding opportunity for emerging scholars to participate in innovative community-engaged, practice-based research projects, develop and teach their own seminars, and expand their perspective beyond the university. The program is intended to help prepare the next generation of scholars who will bridge the divide between disciplines, between practice and scholarship, and between universities and community stakeholders. The Doctoral Fellowship in Urban Practice is offered through the generous support of NYU Gallatin donors.

Application Requirements

Applications should be submitted through this on-line form by March 15, 2021. Applicants must provide the following by that date:

  • Completed application form and academic cover letter.
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty who can speak to your professional trajectory and academic qualifications.
  • Current C.V.
  • A description of an “ideal course” you would teach at the undergraduate level at NYU Gallatin.
  • Interview with community partner, if requested.

Academic Cover Letter

Please submit a formal, academic cover letter in which you describe your intellectual and professional trajectory, and why the Doctoral Fellowship in Urban Practice, which involves immersion in community engaged teaching, learning, and research, would be meaningful to you. Be sure to describe any experience you have had with engaged research or teaching, as well as any background or interest in activism, social justice, or public scholarship more generally. You should specifically address how your dissertation work would benefit from training in community engagement

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Course Description

Fellows should plan to teach an undergraduate interdisciplinary seminar in either the Spring 2022 or Fall 2022 semester.

Existing Gallatin course descriptions may be found at the link here:

For a description of how Gallatin conceptualizes the interdisciplinary seminar format, go to this link:

Your description should:

  • Convey the main aim(s) of the course, followed by the central questions or issues which the course will address.  The description should conclude with a short list of the primary readings.  While the maximum length of the description is 250 words, ideally a description should be 200 words or less.
  • State the learning objectives for this course. A short list of 2-3 goals is sufficient, but be as specific as possible. Goals may include depth of knowledge in a particular field, writing skills, artistic techniques, analytic reasoning skills, etc.
  • List 3-4 potential texts you plan to assign.
  • Suggest one or two possible class assignments.
  • Indicate the semester in which you would like to teach (spring 2022 or fall 2022)

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Recommendation Letters

You will submit two letters of recommendation,

Note that recommendation letters are expected by the March 15 deadline. Entering the names of your recommenders below will generate an automatic reference request to them via e-mail. Recommenders should be ready to upload and send their recommendations upon receipt of that e-mail. 


Please upload your current CV below. (.doc. .docx, and .pdf accepted; max. 2MB)

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